Revelations of Your Self-Help Book Secrets, Lancaster Adams
Lancaster Adams

Revelations of Your Self-Help Book Secrets

Is your mind actually able to send and receive messages from other people’s brains? Explore these secrets now revealed by the author’s quest. Enjoy the facts and results of the latest neuroscience as they now unfold. Revelations of Your Self-Help Book Secrets begins with explaining the brain’s function, the role of quantum physics, and our current incomplete knowledge of the neuroscience of dreaming. This fascinating journey through science and self-help literature explores what we call “psychic phenomena.” Author Lancaster Adams is a medical doctor, surgeon, scientist, and medical missionary. In the book, he describes his quest to comprehend the underlying science of a disturbing dream, one with a premonition he had just before his father’s illness killed him. Across a span of 6,000 miles, the dream communicated hard facts about his father’s previously unknown mortal illness. The incident prompted real communication that confirmed his father’s impending death, prompting him to ask how this type of premonition is possible. Using light-hearted humor and anecdotes, Revelations illuminates how our brains actually work. Perhaps through our shared humanity, we can identify aspects of our lives that will prove we are not alone in an existential nothingness. And, perhaps we can also learn the answers our brains hold that the best computers in the world can’t answer.
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“No pleasure is comparable to the study upon the vantage ground of truth.”
—Francis Bacon

Here is Wisdom, for what purpose is there to any sort of time and effort spent on the study of, especially those theories known over the ages & the barely imagined and always one of what has been a proven fallacy, time and time again? My personal experiences has been a steady and unequivecly obvious manipulative way that are standard procedure for some of the more terminally board and self absorbed to find personal fullfillment in aurgueing about a non existant subject of any sort.

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