Barbara Cartland

A Chieftain finds Love

Falling ill with a bad cold, the beautiful young singer, Isa McNaver, leaves behind her busy London schedule of Concerts and heads for the Scottish Highlands where she grew up for a much needed rest. There she wanders the graceful moors and the breezy seashore contentedly, remembering her childhood and the local legends about long lost Clan treasure. Venturing into a deep dark cave she stumbles across a murderous plot by accident. She overhears a gang of men, who have apparently discovered a map showing where the family treasure had been secreted near to the imposing Clan Castle to hide it from the marauding Vikings. They are even planning to murder the Duke to ensure that he does not get in their way. Isa’s duty is clear. She must warn the Duke of Strathnaver, the Chieftain of the Clan! And, although when she arrives at The Castle unannounced, the handsome Duke appears aloof and cynical, little does Isa know that he is entranced by her beauty. And just when he seems to have finally found the true love he has been seeking all his life, all seems lost when he and Isa are kidnapped by the dastardly plotters and left to die in a secret cave hidden by a cascade in the garden of The Castle.
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