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Emily Larkin

Primrose and the Dreadful Duke

A double-award-winning Regency romance featuring an irrepressible duke, a bookish spinster, a devious murderer … and a dash of magic!

Oliver Dasenby is the most infuriating man Primrose Garland has ever known. He may be her brother’s best friend, but he has an atrocious sense of humor. Eight years in the cavalry hasn’t taught him solemnity, nor has the unexpected inheritance of a dukedom.

But when Oliver inherited his dukedom, it appears that he also inherited a murderer.

Oliver might be dreadfully annoying, but Primrose doesn’t want him dead. She’s going to make certain he survives his inheritance—and the only way to do that is to help him catch the murderer!

Length: Full-length novel of 85,000 words

Sensuality level: A Regency romance with steamy love scenes

From USA TODAY Bestseller Emily Larkin comes a new addition to the acclaimed and multi-award-winning Baleful Godmother series!

Winner of the 2019 Romance Writers of New Zealand Long Romance of the Year and Best Overall Romance of the Year Awards.

If you love wildly entertaining, emotional, and heartwarming historical romances that will keep you reading all night long, then this novel is for you.

Be swept into a Regency England brimming with passion and peril, magic and love. Start this addictive series today!
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Emily Larkin
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