Patricia Bray

A London Season

A tale of a rake, an impoverished country girl, and a miraculous makeover—by an author praised for her “richly realized characters” (RT Book Reviews).
Caring for eight siblings and burdened by a bankrupt estate, Jane Segwick happily accepts her aunt’s invitation to the festive London Season. This could be her chance to find a wealthy husband and get the entire family out of debt . . .
But the upper crust of London bristles at Jane’s blunt country ways—with one exception: Lord Glendale. The handsome lord, not in the market for a wife, finds himself amused by Jane’s frank manner and he wagers that—within the month—even provincial Jane can be brought into fashion.
His plan succeeds only too well, as Jane blossoms into the most popular young lady of the season. Now will Lord Glendale relinquish Jane to her newfound admirers? Or will he take the biggest gamble of all—and risk his heart in a challenging game of love?
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    His speed proved his undoing, for he slipped on the marble and fell on his backside.
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    Her erstwhile suitor appeared resigned rather than angry
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    calling him out.
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