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Johanna Lindsey

Love Only Once

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The exquisite niece of Lord Edward and Lady Charlotte Malory, Regina Ashton is outraged over her abduction by the arrogant, devilishly handsome Nicholas Eden—and is determined to make the rogue pay . . . with his heart.
A golden-haired seducer, Nicholas has been hardened by a painful secret in his past. And now that he has besmirched Reggie's good name, the hot-tempered lady has vowed to wed him. Her fiery beauty stirs Nicholas as no woman ever has—and the rake arouses Reggie's passion to an unendurable level. Such uncontrolled desires can lead only to dangerous misunderstandings . . . and, perhaps, to a love that can live only once in a lifetime.
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    One was carrying a basket of shoes, and gowns galore were draped over the other two maids’ arms.
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    Reggie was incredulous. “You don’t have to go, George, really you don’t.”

    “Oh, but he does, I insist.” Nicholas then turned and bellowed into the hall. “Sayers! The gentleman is
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    And Selena was happy

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