Project Management (Collins Business Secrets), Matthew Bachelor
Matthew Bachelor

Project Management (Collins Business Secrets)

The project management secrets that experts and top professionals use.
Get results fast with this quick, easy guide to the fundamentals of Project Management.Includes how to:• Deliver a successful project from start to finish• Communicate effectively with people at all levels• Manage changes and control scope creep• Identify and deal with risks• Work with common project management methodologies
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The power of ‘five whys’ is strikingly illustrated by an example adapted from Valerie Iles and Kim Sutherland’s Organisational Change, where a lapse in patient care could be traced back to a decision about the organization’s core strategy: Bedpan not received by patient.
Екатерина Ерина
Екатерина Еринаje citiralaпре 7 месеци
“If anything can go wrong, it will”
Adri Syamsoeyadi
Adri Syamsoeyadije citiraoпре 8 месеци
motivating and monitoring

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