Francis Scott Fitzgerald

The Notebooks of Scott Fitzgerald

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    Катя Павловаje citiralaпре 7 година
    228 Colors at Oregon: gold, dark green, little white buoys on safety rope, background white figures, grey underpinnings—all seen thru foliage dark and light green.
    Катя Павловаje citiralaпре 7 година
    275 Yellow and lavender filled her eyes, yellow for the sun through yellow shades and lavender for the quilt, swollen as a cloud and drifting in soft billows over the bed. Suddenly she remembered her appointment and uncovering her arms she squirmed into a violet negligee, flipped back her hair with a circular movement of her head and melted into the color of the room.
    Катя Павловаje citiralaпре 7 година
    Every day I wait I’ll have less men to choose from—and if I wait till I fall in love again I’ll just wait forever.”

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