Ielts Essay Skills – MindMapping, Miracel Griff
Miracel Griff

Ielts Essay Skills – MindMapping

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Toefl Essay Skills – Second Edition.
The following are some ideas to improve a mind mapping:
gather all the information you need:
* Draw an easy image or symbol to represent your central idea in the centre of the page,
* Think of the major points or topics of your mind map, radiate your key topics of the central image as branches adding a key word that represents that topic,
* Explore your key branches with sub-branches or thoughts by adding single words to each sub-branch,
* Use your colored pens and add images to make your map vibrant and exciting,
* Produce your mind map using the new and exciting mind mapping software.

Are you still using rote memorization to recall ideas and vocabulary?
Are you still leaving things until the last minute?
Are you still finding TOEFL Writing worrisome?

TOEFL Skills – Mind-Mapping will introduce you how to brainstorm, organize your points and write in response to the question. In addition, brainstorming diagrams, map, will guide you to broaden your mind.
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