Travels, Paul Bowles
Paul Bowles


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“Bowles is at his best when writing about places. He can evoke a place with a few sure strokes.”
New York Times
“His work is art. At his best, Bowles has no peer.”
Travels is a thrilling anthology of the travel writings of Paul Bowles, author of the era-defining post-war novel The Sheltering Sky. The acclaimed essays in Travel—never before collected in a single volume—span more than sixty years and range from Bowles’s early days in Paris to his time spent in Ceylon, Thailand, Kenya, and his expatriate life in Morocco. Insightful, exciting, and evocative, featuring original photographs throughout, Travels is a stunning collection of rarely seen shorter works—a showcase of the literary artistry of one of the truly great American writers of the twentieth century.

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Tangier is a city where everyone lives in a greater or lesser degree of discomfort”
Филипп Каретов
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My literary activities in Paris that winter were confined to the search for missing issues of certain defunct and moribund magazines of which I wanted to have a complete collection.
Dima Balakirev
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