All My Bags Are Packed

Waraney Rawung
Waraney Rawung
You just got back from a holiday and want to be anywhere but here. Nothing but a dose of travel stories to feed the travelbug. Pack your briefcase (duffel?), hop on the Uber (Orient Express?) for your daily commute (Silk Road?) to work (adventure of a lifetime!).
The Uncommercial Traveller, Charles Dickens
Travels in Alaska, John Muir
The Odyssey, Homer
The Odyssey
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Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad
Joseph Conrad
Heart of Darkness
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I've read this book many times. First time was several years ago, and every year I reread it at least once or twice, devouring the whole book or simply taking in chapters that were relevant from me at that time. Two months ago I went to Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto), and I brought this with me, spent an hour on Shinkansen reading parts about Japan.
Just started reading this on my commute this morning. I was actually cheating, trying to find an easy read for the bumpy ride to work, hoping I'll be able to finish it in one go. It's surprisingly difficult to follow, because it contains excerpts of Theroux's 'travel wisdom', along with quotes from other books. I'm too used to his chronological way of storytelling, and it took me a while to get used to this book. So far so good though.
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