Harry Harrison

Planet of the Damned

Brion Brandd was chosen for the mission because he was the very best of the best. It is up to him to avert a nuclear war, but even all his training and intelligence might not be enough to save a world. Nothing is as it seems and every action could be his last. This tightly plotted adventure novel was nominated for the prestigious Hugo Award.
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    evacuated were killed. But there are commando teams standing by here to make a landing if the weapons are detected. The Disans must depend on secrecy to protect their armament, since we have both the manpower and the technology to reach any objective. We also have technicians and other volunteers looking for the weapon sites. They have not been successful as yet, and most of them were killed soon after landing."
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    That was really the only way to hack the Gordian knot.
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    Granted for the moment that this outlandish idea might be true, how did they get here?

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