The Little Book of Feminism, Harriet Dyer
Harriet Dyer

The Little Book of Feminism

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Do you want to know more about the fight for women’s rights? From the rabble-rousers of the suffragist movement to the bloggers of today, this comprehensive little guide will teach you the history, theory and big issues and everything you need to know to become a CARD-CARRYING FEMINIST.
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Un sumario sobre el feminismo, concreto pero enfocado en EUA y UK. Está bien para empezar en el feminismo.

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Es todavía más básico que Todos deberíamos ser feministas, pero donde el anterior puede abrir el debate chingón, este realmente no creo que sirva para eso, y puede generar confusión y lanzarte de cabeza al liberalismo de ese que está al servicio del capitalismo.


Then the sixties swept in and with it the sexual revolution and the start of second-wave feminism in America, known as the women’s liberation movement. A wave of increasingly liberal attitudes swept society; drug-taking, long hair, rock music, increasingly rebellious teenagers breaking away from the drab conformism they identified with their parents’ generation and… sex. People were not only having sex but talking about it, and women were coming up with some pointers for improvement. Traditionally, a woman’s sexuality was tangled up with societal pressure not to have sex and a lack of available contraception, leading to a raft of problems including social judgement if she did have sex. If a woman got past these obstacles, she often found that her own sexual pleasure was sidelined in favour of her male partner’s.
This included better education opportunities, access to certain professions, equal rights in employment, the right to control their own money and property and, of course, the right to vote.
Third-wave feminists continued their predecessors’ work on raising awareness about the issues of rape and domestic violence and how the political system could work harder to protect victims of both those issues.
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