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is a prime principle of time management that time must be invested to save time in the future.
Regret for the things you did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things you did not do that is inconsolable.
! I was never late for one of his meetings again, and, barring accidents, nor was anyone else
strictly speaking, responsibility can only be taken—you cannot force it on people
Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age by Maggie Jackson
MBWA—Management By Walking About. However good the management control systems that exist in an organization are, there is no substitute for you going and seeing and hearing first hand what is going on, what the problems are, and what opportunities are present.
the higher up the hierarchy of an organization you go, the more time you are expected to spend thinking, planning, and decision-making and the less doing other things.
Doug Kling said: Learn to pause . . . or nothing worth while will catch up with you.
Never confuse activity with achievement.
especially internal ones.
wasted time than business meetings,
What a waste of time!”? We all know the feeling, I am sure
recognize that the details matter. They consider the time implications of everything and they work to get as close to their ideal of time arrangement as they can.
Little things do mount up. Saving five minutes may not sound like much use; however, do so every working day in the year (some 230 days) and you save nearly two and a half days! Speaking personally, I could certainly utilize an extra couple of days, no problem. If time can be saved across a range of tasks, and for most people it can, then the overall gain may well be significant. The best basis for making this happen, and the good news factor I promised was to come, is to make consideration of time and its management a habit.
Now, habits are powerful. Those that need changing may take some effort to shift, but once new ones are established, then they make the approaches they
, habits are powerful
Little things do mount up. Saving five minutes may not sound like much use
ideal of time arrangement as they can.
Christianity was declining was “not because it has been tried and found wanting, but because it has been found difficult and therefore not tried.”
time management is difficult
it is regret for the things you did not do that is inconsolable.
Motivation has been described as a climate and this is not a bad analogy. Just like the climate or the temperature in a room, it is affected by many different things, and the effect can be for good or ill. There is sadly no magic formula for guaranteeing that motivation will be, and will stay, high.
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