Patrick Forsyth

100 Great Time Management Ideas

Are you looking for some great ideas or inspiration to manage your time better? This book contains 100 great ideas, extracted from leading companies and individuals from around the world. In an age when people of all levels are struggling to cope wiith the demands on their time, just one simple idea can be the catalyst to change that. This book can be that very catalyst. Each time management idea is succinctly described and is followed by advice on how it can be applied to the reader’s own situation. A simple but potenitally powerful book for anyone seeking new inspiration and that killer application.
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    20 percent of a company’s customers are likely to produce 80 percent of its revenue.
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    that those who are more successful have a different attitude to the process. They see it as something to work at. They recognize that the details matter.
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    just 20 percent of your working time probably contributes around 80 percent of what is necessary for success

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