English Grammar and Usage, Shrikant Prasoon
Shrikant Prasoon

English Grammar and Usage

Today English has almost become indispensable in India and abroad, as it is considered to be a standard, international language of communication across the globe. Hence, learning this language has become a necessity, irrespective of one's age, sex, colour or race.
English Grammar And Usage is an altogether different and unique book for understanding and learning the language easily and quickly by writing and speaking innumerable readymade sentences given in the book on each topic of Grammar, without actually studying English Grammar in detail and without the help of one's own mother tongue.
There are different types of Sentence Structures available in the book in the easiest possible forms that make it very user-friendly and interesting for readers of all age groups, especially the student section, who wish to know the language correctly and thoroughly.
The book is a result of insistent and practical research of around18 years by the author, when he was in the Solomon Public School accompanied by a number of teachers at various levels, and compiled together as one comprehensive book. Read on to find more…
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Alexander Zinenko
Alexander Zinenkoje citiraoпре 2 године
(The time will depend on the hours given every day to it, on the number of sentences written or spoken from each Table, the time taken in memorising V1 V2 and V3, and on the speed of building a decent Vocabulary.)

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