IELTS – Academic Module (book – 1)

IELTS TECH — ACADEMIC MODULE is a smart techno product for the students who are competing for the IELTS –The International English Language Testing System. This book is a complete visual aid for the students and teaches them the perfect strategy to crack IELTS. It also serves as a smarter way to learn IELTS. The book is an outcome of incessant hard work and research by an experienced and veteran author in this field.
Basically, the book is 4 in 1 with a wholesome package of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Skills and Strategies along with Smart CD Presentation with its Practice Sessions. The uniqueness of the book lies in the fact that you get everything on IELTS in this single book— making it a Bible for the students aspiring to compete the IELTS exams.
270 štampanih stranica
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    The busiest person is the happiest person’
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    Grief shared is grief halved

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