Tabitha Rayne,Dominic Santi,Heidi Champa,Landon Dixon,Catelyn Cash

Party Favour

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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including m/f, m/m, menage and fem dom.

Party Favour by Catelyn Cash

Maya’s a dancer, not a stripper, but the men who’ve hired her for their stag party aren’t so sure there’s a difference. Their offer of money to perform a naughty, teasing routine for them will make a big difference to her financial situation, but when they keep raising the erotic stakes, how will she respond?

Creamed by Landon Dixon

Was coming in someone’s morning cup of coffee vandalism, assault, or an act of terrorism, or love? That was the throbbing question one frightened fraternity pledge had to contend with, when he was instructed to jerk off into the Dean’s coffee as part of his initiation. Did he have the literal and figurative balls to cream the scheme?

I Am Matilda Jenks by Tabitha Rayne

Hotel waitress Matilda Jenks has a secret life catering for her guests’ more unusual nocturnal requirements. Quiet and overlooked by day, Matilda revels in her role as imperious dominatrix Ms Tilly Spanks, taking pleasure in the fact her unwitting clients will never discover her real identity…

Discretion Required by Heidi Champa

She needed the money, but more than that, she needed him. To tell her what to do, to use her pleasure for his own. To turn her into the willing slut she always wanted to be. It all started with web chats, but it quickly turned into much, much more. Now, she found herself at the gates to his house, ready to take things further than she ever had before. Once she walked through that front door, nothing would ever be the same. Exactly like she wanted.

Airtight by Dominic Santi

Take six horny submarine sailors who are eager to please. Add the equally horny, hot, and much neglected wife of the submarine's Executive Officer — plus a hotel room with one big bed, a cell phone with an excellent camera, and a husband who (we’re told) likes to watch. Flavour with a forgotten anniversary and a photographer with a score to settle. As the old saying goes – “payback’s a bitch”.

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