Catelyn Cash

One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.I’m a writer of hot erotic romance and I love it. I don’t just mean I enjoy writing it, I love telling people what I do. Stop me in the street for a survey and ask my occupation, there’s always a silence before the interviewer pretends they didn’t hear and quickly moves on to the next question or even the next interviewee. It’s a great conversation starter (or stopper) at parties too. Not one my long suffering husband encourages if his work colleagues are within earshot!I’ve travelled a lot but I’m currently settled in the wild Yorkshire moors with my husband, a cat called Evil and a python called Jake. I love the cat, despite her name but I still feel I was conned into welcoming Jake into the house. He came from a shop called Mad Jack’s Snake and Tattoo Emporium. How I wish I’d bought a T-Shirt, too.I’m not done travelling – not by a long shot. Which is why writing is such a perfect occupation. Every new place, every new face can spark wicked inspiration, and time spent on the road is time to I can allow my imagination run wild. I rarely arrive at my destination without some sexy characters and a brand new story in my head. - Loose Id bio
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