Master Your Own Destiny, Sheila Steptoe
Sheila Steptoe

Master Your Own Destiny

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In a world which is changing so rapidly, it's easy to lose confidence. Sure-fire personal security seems to be increasingly rare, relationships come and go. Many people are now searching for answers. How do you decide where to anchor yourself? What if you could make your vision happen? Sheila suggests that being happy and content, feeling serenity deep inside, are not rewards to be reserved for other people. We are all entitled to them! An average story tells. A good story guides. Sheila's book illustrates, demonstrates and gradually inspires you to wake up to who you truly are, so you can achieve greater success and happiness. Her personal tale is packed with honest stories, insights and straightforward advice, an invigorating breath of fresh air in a tough and complex world. She offers insight and the gentlest of spiritual guidance for those on the brink of curiosity and with a desire to learn more. Without promoting any single answer, Sheila introduces theories and ideas that you can think about, in bite-sized morsels you can digest with ease. She invites you to let go of your past, become fully engaged with the here-and-now, and open your mind to a more inspiring future. Fifteen years ago Sheila Steptoe was a happy, average housewife. Then suddenly the rug was pulled out from under her. As she slowly healed, she transformed her life … and if Sheila can do this, maybe so can you. Let this book be your first step to freedom – no-one else can do it for you! “This book is amongst my top 5 favourite self-help books Margaret Fleming “A thought provoking and stimulating book.” Caroline Golding “Sheila reminds each of us that true happiness is a choice, not an accident.” Max Eames
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My trouble was that I talked too much, both in and out of class. I am also the sort of person who will do anything for anyone if you ask me — but if you tell me to do it, a chill runs up my spine and I rebel. I think this is where I learned to be an individual, strong person; otherwise I would have floundered.
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The magic of life can be wondrous if you choose to open your eyes — or you can walk around in darkness.
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