A Joosr Guide to… The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, Joosr

A Joosr Guide to… The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

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Falling in love is easy, so why is staying in love so much more complicated? The secret to a successful relationship is simply a case of learning your spouse's language. Strengthen your relationship through effective communication and ensure an enduring and loving marriage.

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman is a wonderful guidebook for married couples. It reveals that everyone has a primary love language and why it's so important to communicate with our spouse in their individual love language. Read about real-life couples who were on the verge of marital failure, but who were able to turn things around quickly with simple, easy to implement strategies. Practiced on a daily basis, these love language tips can help you and your partner fall in love all over again and create a beautiful union that will stand the test of time.

You will learn:

· Why saying “I love you” may not be enough

· How to transform your marriage into one that rivals the greatest love stories

· What little tactics you can implement today to make your partner feel special.
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Краткое описание книги "пять языков любви" на английском.
Написано лёгким языком - отлично для 10 минутной практики 👐

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Soliloquios Literarios
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The issue isn’t so much with falling in love as it is with staying in love. Falling in love is the easy part, but what happens after the honeymoon period?
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if one partner needs to hear words of endearment and the other partner doesn’t feel the need to express them, the partner who needs them will end up feeling hurt and insecure.
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