Introducing Persuasion, Anthony McLean
Anthony McLean

Introducing Persuasion

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Make other people say ‘Yes’! Yes to your requests. Yes to your ideas. Yes to your products. Yes to your proposals.

A Practical Guide to Persuasion uses psychology,
expert advice and practical techniques to teach you how to influence the people
around you in an ethical way.

Learn how to increase your presence, by knowing when to talk and when to listen; develop a strategy of success, by preparing, planning and crafting
opportunities and make change happen by understanding what drives your

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Science can tell us what we know about people and decision-making processes, but it is your flair, innovation and ability to
Albert Einstein suggested that problems cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them. New ideas and actions are required to solve problems: the big and the small. The problem with new ideas is they often require people to do things differently, to change not only their mind but also their behaviour.
While it is consistently said that people resist change, it is probably more accurate to say that much of what people do is driven by habit. Habits that have been learned over a period of years live deep within our brain and they tend to resist change.
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