Search Inside Yourself, Daniel Goleman, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Chade-Meng Tan
Daniel Goleman,Jon Kabat-Zinn,Chade-Meng Tan

Search Inside Yourself

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With Search Inside Yourself, Chade-Meng Tan, one of Google’s earliest engineers and personal growth pioneer, offers a proven method for enhancing mindfulness and emotional intelligence in life and work.
Meng’s job is to teach Google’s best and brightest how to apply mindfulness techniques in the office and beyond; now, readers everywhere can get insider access to one of the most sought after classes in the country, a course in health, happiness and creativity that is improving the livelihood and productivity of those responsible for one of the most successful businesses in the world.
With forewords by Daniel Goleman, author of the international bestseller Emotional Intelligence, and Jon Kabat-Zinn, renowned mindfulness expert and author of Coming To Our Senses, Meng’s Search Inside Yourself is an invaluable guide to achieving your own best potential.
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Martin Larsen
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What I am feeling now is . . .
• I am aware that . . .
• What motivates me is . . .
• I am inspired by . . .
• Today, I aspire to . . .
• What hurts me is . . .
• I wish . . .
• Others are . . .
• I made a happy mistake . . .
• Love is . . .
Николай Бахалханов
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bring world peace through spreading inner peace and compassion
Agnieszka Cieploch Fischer
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Barbara Fredrickson, a noted pioneer in positive psychology, found that it takes three positive experiences to overcome a negative one, a 3:1 ratio.10 In general, each negative feeling is three times as powerful as a positive one.
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