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What is manipulation, how is it used in our everyday lives, and why is it such a prevalent force in our society? Whether you consciously realize it or not, you use this tactic and have it used on you very often. Although some people have a negative association with the word, it isn’t always a bad thing, and can in fact help you a lot in life. Here are some of the concepts you will learn about in this book:

Automatic Mental Processes: Every single human on the planet has been conditioned to behave in certain ways as a response to particular stimuli. This is what makes us suggestible to influence and manipulation. Once you understand this process, you can use it to your benefit, and also to protect yourself from others.
Positive vs. Negative Manipulation: There are different types of manipulation, some which are beneficial to all involved, and others which are harmful and detrimental. In this book, you will learn to tell the difference between the two.
The Benefits of Positive Manipulation: Ethical manipulation, also known as persuasion or influence, is one of the most important social skills you can develop. When you master this, an entire new world opens up to you professionally, personally, and otherwise.
Protecting yourself from Negative Manipulators: There are always people out there who try to prey on others and use them for their own benefit. Once you become aware of the tactics they use, and why, you can effectively protect yourself from this happening to you. When you know what to watch for, you will never fall victim to a person like this.
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    elicit a negative emotion, or a fear of a negative emo
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    Seeing the Needs and Wants of Others: When you are effective at persuading other people, or knowing how to read signs of them trying to persuade, you catch a glimpse into what they find the most important. In this way, you can understand humanity on a deeper level, and use this information to get ahead in life. When you recognize others’ wants and needs, not only do you better understand them as an individual, but you can become closer. This is what separates positive and negative manipulation.
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    People are more likely to help those who they see as similar to them, meaning that knowing how to find similarities is a must for interpersonal relations.

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