Lesley Eames

The Wartime Singers

'I have struggled to find words to describe this book. It was breath-taking' 5* Reader review
With war looming, can they lift the spirits of the troops?
It's 1914 and the effects of war are reaching London. Sick and injured servicemen are returning home and Lizzie Kellaway and her godmother Margaret Penrose are determined to do their bit to help them. With Lizzie's beautiful singing voice and Margaret's talent for the piano, concerts in hospitals and convalescent homes offer the perfect opportunity to lift the spirits of men who have suffered so much.
When Polly Meadows's fiancé rejects her and leaves for the war, she doesn't hesitate before travelling to London to be with her childhood friend, Lizzie. It isn't long before she's persuaded to join their efforts to entertain the troops. At least while performing Polly can forget her troubles and open her soul to the joy of singing.
But the ongoing war brings even more heartache. With all three women facing struggles, one thing is certain: these wartime singers will need each other more than ever before…
A heartwarming and gritty wartime saga, perfect for fans of Nancy Revell, Molly Green and Elaine Everest.
What readers are saying about The Wartime Singers:
'BRILLIANT' 5 * Reader review
'Loved it, especially the twist at the end!' 5* Reader review
'Gorgeously written with thoughtfulness, this story captured my heart. Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction and General Fiction lovers ought to pick up this winner of a book, both gentle and powerful' 5* Reader review
'The characters really came alive. I hated to put it down and go back to my daily life!' 4* Reader review
'Fantastic writing. I would recommend' 5* Reader review
'I never expected a historical fiction to have such an EPIC MEET-CUTE. It was so unique & sudden. I loved it… I had so much fun! I almost want to break out into applause every time, courtesy of such succinct yet picturesque writing' 4* Reader review
'This book is a breath of fresh air' 5* Reader review
'I loved reading every single page of this heart-warming saga and five stars from me' 5* Reader review
'I so enjoyed reading every page, saga readers will get pulled into this book right to the end' 5* Reader review
'Such a beautiful and poignant tale. I have nothing but praise for this outstanding book and can highly recommend' 5* Reader review
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