P.S. I Still Love You, Jenny Han
Jenny Han

P.S. I Still Love You

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Given the way love turned her heart in the New York Times bestselling To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, which SLJ called a “lovely, lighthearted romance,” it’s no surprise that Lara Jean still has letters to write.
Lara Jean didn’t expect to really fall for Peter.
She and Peter were just pretending. Except suddenly they weren’t. Now Lara Jean is more confused than ever.
When another boy from her past returns to her life, Lara Jean’s feelings for him return too. Can a girl be in love with two boys at once?
In this charming and heartfelt sequel to the New York Times bestseller To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, we see first love through the eyes of the unforgettable Lara Jean. Love is never easy, but maybe that’s part of makes it so amazing.
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Jam Borromeo
Jam Borromeoje podelio/la utisakпре 2 године
👍Vredna čitanja
🙈Ne drži pažnju
🎯Vredna čitanja

Honestly didn't think I'd cry over this book but I did because I think I fell in love with the way the concept of love developed in the story. I didn't even notice how drawn I was to it until I cried. I don't usually cry over stories like this but I did. And it was worth it.

binduucje podelio/la utisakпре 2 месеца
🐼Lagano štivo

I love it

Yurikeje podelio/la utisakпре 4 месеца

I like this book very much.. The story is really interesting, and besides I really could imagine how Lara jean and Peter kavinsky in the movie playing the role..

Alejandra Arévalo
Alejandra Arévaloje citiralaпре 2 године
You gave me my first love story, Peter. Please just don’t let it be over yet.
Lara Jean
Aimee Thaliasya
Aimee Thaliasyaje citiralaпре 5 година
the more you like someone, the more you think they are beautiful even if you didn’t think so in the beginning.
Ardia Salma Caesareta
Ardia Salma Caesaretaje citiraoпрошлог месеца
Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight. I wish not to cry.
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