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Johanna Lindsey

So Speaks the Heart

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Born a wealthy French heiress but betrayed into bondage, Brigitte de Louroux swears she will never be any man's slave.
Rugged and powerful Rowland of Montville sees only a beautiful enchantress in peasant's rags — a wench to serve his every need. Defenseless against his unbridled passions, Brigitte is forced to yield her innocence to desires the warrior lord arouses in her heart. But her surrender will vanquish the handsome knight – awakening within him a love as mighty and relentless as his conquering sword.
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    Before she could scream, Roger’s mouth covered hers.

    Brigitte was stunned and slow to react. Roger’s kiss was not unpleasant, but it did not move her, either. If she had felt the trembling in her knees, the rapid swirling in her belly, or even just a little tingling sensation, she might have let the kiss go on, grateful to learn that Rowland was not the only one who could move her. But that was not the case, and at last she tried to push Roger away. He only held her more firmly, both hands gripping her head to keep her lips pressed to his.

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