Caitlin Crews

The Shameless Playboy

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Lucas…Playboy. Rebel. Rogue.No one denies Lucas anything. Women fall at his feet and into his bed at the click of his fingers. His life is charmed, reckless and carefree. He is definitely a bad boy.Grace Carter knows uncontrollable Lucas could ruin her career and she won't tolerate his wayward behaviour, despite their chemistry. But working with Lucas is thrilling, and after just a small dose of his magic, even Grace's prim and proper shell begins to shatter.
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    And then she turned her head, pressing her lips into the palm of his hand, and that simply ruined him.
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    He had never been more of a stranger to himself than he was tonight.
    Maysara Bakryje citiralaпрошле године
    “If it were mine,” Lucas said with a quiet ferocity, “I would demolish it and salt the earth on which it stood.”

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