The Savage Marquess

Opposites attract—and strike a delicious bargain in a Regency romance from the New York Times–bestselling author of the Traveling Matchmaker series.
The handsome, wealthy Marquess of Rockingham is the most notorious man in London, as infamous for his violent temper as he is for his intemperate ways.
Miss Lucinda Westerville is a country vicar’s daughter, as innocent as she is lovely and as proper as a young lady can possibly be.
Yet when this improbably matched pair meets at a glittering social ball, they strike the dubious bargain to become man and wife—in name only. But Lucinda soon finds that she has taken on more than she bargained for—when she vows not to love this untamed, infuriatingly attractive man . . . When she tries to rein in her own foolishly galloping heart.
“Chesney is a romance writer who deftly blends humor and adventure . . . [Sustaining] her devoted audience to the last gasp.” —Booklist 
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