Running Meetings (HBR 20-Minute Manager Series), Harvard Business Review
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Running Meetings (HBR 20-Minute Manager Series)

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Whether you’re new to running meetings or a seasoned executive with no time to waste, leading effective (and even pleasant!) meetings is a must. Running Meetings guides you through the basics of:• Crafting a useful agenda• Inviting the right team members• Making sure everyone’s voice is heard while avoiding conflict• Capturing decisions, ideas, and follow-up tasksDon't have much time? Get up to speed fast on the most essential business skills with HBR's 20-Minute Manager series. Whether you need a crash course or a brief refresher, each book in the series is a concise, practical primer that will help you brush up on a key management topic. Advice you can quickly read and apply, for ambitious professionals and aspiring executives—from the most trusted source in business. Also available as an ebook.
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Carlos Martinez Ruiz
Carlos Martinez Ruizje citiraoпре 2 године
In the meeting you’ll be able to communicate, build consensus, and get things done—and you’ll earn a reputation as a productive meeting leader in your organization as well.
b4835614069je citiralaпре 3 године
accurately identifying the purpose of the meeting
Elena Tyanigina
Elena Tyaniginaje citiralaпре 3 године
you’ll have time to brush up on a variety of key management topics.

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