Maria Grazia De Francisci,Mauro Morretta

The Learning Code: The Psychology of Total Physical Response – How to Speed the Learning of Languages Through the Multisensory Method – A Practical Guide to Teaching Foreign Languages

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The Learning Code is an exceptional guide designed to teach students of all ages and backgrounds language skills with the highly enhanced teaching methods that uses the kinesthetic, Visual and Auditory systems. This innovative manual blends the method of Total Physical Response, Storytelling and Role-playing/Simultations techniques together to teach a language in an exciting new way.

The Learning Code will teach parents, students, teachers and professionals that language skills are much easier to learn when they are taught using all of the 5 senses. This leading skills book features over 100 hours of lessons, over 100 pictures, dialogues, role-plays, support material and more.

It covers challenging subjects like how to activate long term memory, polyglot brain and kinesthetic learning.
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