Jason Gale

How to Analyze People Dark Psychology

How to spot a cheater!

In America statistics from the Marriage and Divorce Journal report up to 70% spouses have some sort of extramarital affairs during the lifetime of their marriage.

The implications of this are serious and more astonishing than anyone could ever have imagined!

With the advent of social media, dating app and meet up groups, cheating has become easier and enabled on a much larger scale.

One could only imagine the depraved things done behind closed doors.
Marriage is supposed to be a sacred thing. A promise between two individuals who unite together and become one flesh.
Honour, trust, and love are all shattered when one partner decides to break their oath to stay faithful.

How did our society become a state of moral depravity? -Where once virtue, honour and integrity were upheld.
But now infidelity, lawlessness and disorder runs rampant in society and has become the norm.

In this book I'll show you how to spot a cheater. The tell tale-signs you need to look out for in a partner to know if they're being faithful or not.

I go into in-depth detail and reveal insights that will give you the knowledge you need to stay protected, and save yourself from a world of heartbreak.

What You'll Learn

Infidelity in men and women

Dark psychology

Upbringing, factors and influences

Role of religon

Tell-tale signs of deception

Are there any good people left in this world?

Controversial themes

And, much, much more!

Before diving into any relationship its good to have a well-rounded perspective from a critical lens and psychological view-point of how human behavior has evolved over time and the way we currently interact with one another.

Learn how you can protect yourself from unscrupulous individuals and how to spot deception.

The greatest investment you can make is an investment in yourself!
Enlighten yourself with the truth and set yourself free from the deception that awaits you in the this morally depraved world.

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