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Johanna Lindsey

Secret Fire

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A master storyteller who spins romantic fiction like not other, Johanna Lindsey weaves together endearing characters, enthralling adventure and pulsating passion to create stories that touch the hearts of her readers.
Secret FireHe'd caught only a glimpse of her from the window of his carriage, but the young prince knew he had to have her. Within minutes, Lady Katherine St. John was dragged from the London street and carried off to a sumptuous town house — for the pleasure of her royal admirer…
From the tempestuous passion of their first encounter, across stormy seas, to the golden splendor of palaces in Moscow, she was his prisoner — obsessed with rage toward her captor even as an all-consuming need made her his slave. Yet theirs was a fervor beyond her understanding, carrying them irrevocably toward final surrender to the power of undeniable love.
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    Dimitri had only just begun. This was his fantasy come true, what he had dreamed about for so long: to have her needing him, wanting him with the same intensity that controlled him.
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    His lips ravaged her face, and then he was kissing her, his tongue plunging in deeply, mercilessly, the full force of his passion released in an explosion of longing. When he entered her seconds later, it was bliss, purest bliss as he quenched the fire; it was what she needed—to be completely possessed. And the sweet throbbing that followed was all the sweeter because he came with her.
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    You’re terribly wicked.”

    “Yes,” he agreed, taking her in his arms, where she pressed her body close, closer. “But so are you, my love.”

    “That’s nice,” she murmured against his lips. “Say it again.”

    “My love. You are, you know. Without you, there is no joy in my life.”

    Did you hear that, Katherine? Do you believe it now?

    She did. This fairy tale had come true.

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