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Mary Gibson

The Bermondsey Bookshop

'Happiness had never been something she'd looked for. A quiet day with no insults or wallops, that was the best she could imagine.'
London, 1920s
Kate Goss lives in a freezing cold garret, bullied by her aunt and cousins. She dreams of being rescued by her handsome father. No one knows where he is, or what he is doing, just that he is sure to come back a rich man.
By the time Kate is seventeen, she has learnt to cope alone. When her aunt throws her out, she finds a job as a cleaner in the Bermondsey Bookshop and Reading Room.
Here she will discover a world she never knew existed. But trouble is never far away and long-held secrets are about to burst into the open, ensnaring her in a web of lies and violence. Will she ever be able to escape?
Praise for The Bermondsey Bookshop:
'Poignant and intensely emotional' BOOKISH JOTTINGS
'A fabulous, fascinating read' VANESSA FELTZ
'I simply couldn't put it down' THE BOOKBAG
'A must-read' OK MAGAZINE
422 štampane stranice
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    She’d loved him – just not enough to let him kill her.
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    but it appears he took his own life
  • Natalia Rybakovaje citiralaпрошле године
    It was because of Nora and what she suspected Martin still felt for her.

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