The Bermondsey Bookshop, Mary Gibson
Mary Gibson

The Bermondsey Bookshop


'Happiness had never been something she'd looked for. A quiet day with no insults or wallops, that was the best she could imagine.'
Set in 1920s London, this is the inspiring story of Kate Goss's struggle against poverty, hunger and cruel family secrets.

Her mother died in a fall, her father has vanished without trace, and now her aunt and cousins treat her viciously. In a freezing, vermin-infested garret, factory girl Kate has only her own brave spirit and dreams of finding her father to keep her going. She has barely enough money to feed herself, or to pay the rent. The factory where she works begins to lay off people and it isn't long before she has fallen into the hands of the violent local money-lender.

That is until an unexpected opportunity comes her way — a job cleaning a most unusual bookshop, where anyone, from factory workers to dockers, can learn to read and then buy books cheaply. A new world opens up, but with it come new dangers, too. Based on the true story of the Bermondsey Bookshop, this is the most inspiring and gripping novel Mary Gibson has yet written.
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Bringing a book to publication is very much a team effort and I have been very fortunate to benefit from the advice and help of many publishing professionals: my brilliant agent, Anne Williams, my talented editor, Rosie de Courcy, my eagle-eyed copy-editor Liz Hatherell and all the dedicated team at Head of Zeus.

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