All the Bright Places, Jennifer Niven
Jennifer Niven

All the Bright Places

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The Fault in Our Stars meets Eleanor and Park in this exhilarating and heart-wrenching love story about a girl who learns to live from a boy who intends to die.Soon to be a major motion picture starring Elle Fanning!Theodore Finch is fascinated by death, and he constantly thinks of ways he might kill himself. But each time, something good, no matter how small, stops him.Violet Markey lives for the future, counting the days until graduation, when she can escape her Indiana town and her aching grief in the wake of her sister's recent death.When Finch and Violet meet on the ledge of the bell tower at school, it's unclear who saves whom. And when they pair up on a project to discover the “natural wonders” of their state, both Finch and Violet make more important discoveries: It's only with Violet that Finch can be himself--a weird, funny, live-out-loud guy who's not such a freak after all. And it's only with…
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Geramyn je podelio/la utisakпре 4 године
👍Vredna čitanja

This story will make us realize that people, stranger or not, will always leave a mark n us. They either teach you the way of life or they give you life.
A very good book!!!

Monika Rizka
Monika Rizkaje podelio/la utisakпре 2 године

I read this book at a special friend's recommendation. And to put it on words, I have to direct-quote this very much same person; "triggering but amazing". Hauntingly beautiful. Depressingly hopeful. A beautiful chaotic bundles of words.

Christina Demy
Christina Demyje podelio/la utisakпре 4 године
👍Vredna čitanja
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Cherish people you love while being alive. Hold hands, give warm kisses, look them in the eyes, keep in mind that one day one of you may disappear. Don't be ashamed of suicide be ashamed of who you leave behind passing away.

Rini Anisa NurFazrin
Rini Anisa NurFazrinje citiralaпре 3 године
Because people my age need somewhere they can go for advice or help or fun or just to be without anyone worrying about them. Somewhere they can be unlimited and fearless and safe, like in their own rooms.
Eustacia Andrelina
Eustacia Andrelinaje citiralaпре 4 године
On March 23, 1950, Italian poet Cesare Pavese wrote: “Love is truly the great manifesto; the urge to be, to count for something, and, if death must come, to die valiantly, with acclamation—in short, to remain a memory
novikurnia26je citiraoпре 3 сата
Anything would be better than the truth: I shut down again. I went blank. One minute I was spinning, and the next minute my mind was dragging itself around in a circle, like an old, arthritic dog trying to lie down.
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