When You Think You're Not Enough, Daphne Rose Kingma
Daphne Rose Kingma

When You Think You're Not Enough

Who Better to Love You Than You?It’s time to stop feeling like we’re not enough. We’re either too fat or too thin. We're not good enough, pretty enough, popular enough, powerful enough, bold enough, brave enough, interesting enough… The solution? More self-love.
Know yourself. Bestselling author and psychotherapist, Daphne Rose Kingma, offers a four-step plan to reclaim and love ourselves. Complete with stories and examples to drown out the inner critic, When You Think You’re Not Enough sets out to remind us that we’re more than enough.
Be nice to yourself. If we’re being honest, we don’t take ourselves much into consideration. Acceptance, appreciation, respect, compassion… we reserve these virtues for others. Daphne reminds us that we need these to feel good too. It is only after we foster these in ourselves that we can apply it to a greater purpose.
Inside, she’ll encourage you to love who you are, and look at and let go of:
Self-deprecating behaviors and beliefsOld patterns and pressuresImaginary ideals and standardsIf you’re ready to start loving yourself, and enjoyed books like, I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn't)More Than Enough, or You Are Enough, then you’ll love When You Think You're Not Enough.
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Victor Oh
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Need to revisit often to understand self love.

Nlm Naulak
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family that's dysfunctional; but the truth is, every
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When you love yourself, you will also become more generous. You'll notice that it's not only you who gets loved, who receives the benefit. The whole world does. That's because each time you take a stand for your own value, the vessel of yourself becomes more filled with an abundance to share.
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Loving yourself is not an incidental undertaking. It's the most important job that each of us has come here to do.

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