Barbara Cartland

Gypsy Magic

Although beautiful young Laetitia is a Princess, she and her family lead a life more befitting paupers. Despising them for the gypsy blood that runs in their veins, the Grand Duchess, their cruel Cousin Augustina, bullies and oppresses them just as she persecutes the Romany people and banishes them from Ovenstadt's Capital.
If only Laetitia could call upon some ancient gypsy spell to make things right.
Worse still, Laetitia hears that the hateful woman has arranged for her daughter, Princess Stephanie, to marry King Viktor of Zvotana, despite her love for Laetitia's handsome brother Kyril.
Determined to save Stephanie from a loveless marriage, Laetitia enlists the help of a Romany Voivode and his powerful gypsy magic and then meets the King disguised as a gypsy princess – only to find herself enraptured by the Voivode's spell and filled with a love too powerful to be denied –
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    with white ribbons.
    Then, as she went down the staircase Gertrude stood waiting, a cup of coffee in one hand and a hot croissant in the other.
    “You’re not going without something to eat, Your Highness!” she said firmly.
    “I ate so much last night,” Laetiti
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    become very slack.

    When they were not expecting to be observed, the sentries on the gates would talk to each other or even lean against the railings and put down their rifles instead of carrying them on their shoulders.
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    days of our lives but for all eternity.”

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