J K Rowling and the Harry Potter Phenomenon, Lindsey Fraser
Lindsey Fraser

J K Rowling and the Harry Potter Phenomenon

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Joanne Rowling was once a would-be published author like many others – committed and determined. Now J K Rowling is at the heart of a global media phenomenon, wealthier, and more influential and successful than she could possibly have imagined. The Harry Potter novels changed her life, and the landscape of writing, publishing and bookselling for children forever. This unauthorised biography follows the transformation of a lonely single mother into a powerful inspirational businesswoman. J K Rowling's story is one of talent, hard work, self-belief and the transforming power of the imagination. From a remarkable insider perspective Lindsey Fraser tells the amazing tale that began one day on a train, when Rowling had forgotten to pack a pen. . .
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stepped up to the bar
the loss was utterly shocking and it threw Jo into a period of desperate misery. She was made redundant, then found another job but she couldn’t settle. In the end, she decided that the best thing would be for her to move completely away and she went to live in Portugal, earning her living by teaching English as a foreign language.
J K Rowling has her own routines and preferences. She likes to write her stories in longhand in cafés and she makes copious notes, drawings and diagrams. She has said that because she didn’t have a pen and paper with her on the train journey from Manchester during which the idea for Harry Potter eased its way into her imagination, the plot established itself very clearly.
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