The Starbucks Story. How the brand changed the world, John Simmons
John Simmons

The Starbucks Story. How the brand changed the world

Coffee is a commodity. You can get a cup at any café, sandwich bar or restaurant anywhere. So how did Starbucks manage to reinvent coffee as a whole new experience, and create a hugely successful brand in the process? The Starbucks Story tells the brand’s story from its origins in a Seattle fish market to its growing global presence today. This is a story that has unfolded quickly – at least in terms of conventional business development. Starbucks is a phenomenon. Unknown 15 years ago, it now ranks among the 100 most valuable brands in the world. It has become the quintessential brand of the modern age, built around the creation of an experience that can be consistently reproduced across the world. Originally published in 2004 as 'My Sister's A Barista: How they made Starbucks a home away from home', this new 2012 edition has been updated to bring the brand up to date.
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We live in societies where we reward and resent success in almost equal measure
Andi Susanto
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“We’ve moved away from store count. The era of rapid expansion is over – we want to be in places where we’re welcome.”
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“I couldn’t understand why in the richest country in the world they were drinking such poor-quality coffee.”

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