Lucy Felthouse,Giselle Renarde,Kathleen Tudor,Valerie Grey,Beverly Langland,Lynn Lake,Heidi Champa,Landon Dixon,Jade Taylor,Elise Hepner,Angela Goldsberry,Anna Sansom,Encarnita Round,Jayne Wheatley,Shea Lancaster,M Marie,Angel Propps Alca

Girls Getting Off

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Enter a sensual, seductive world of lady love

Sometimes, only another woman can give a girl the excitement she craves. In this collection of twenty sensuous lesbian erotic tales, penned by the best erotica authors from around the world you’ll discover women enjoying their first sweet taste of all-girl games, and long-term lovers reawakening their passion with the aid of new tricks and favourite toys. From sweet and tender to rough and kinky, delicious damsels to bi-try babes, there’s something here to satisfy all lovers of girl-on-girl action.

Who wouldn’t want to be there when girls get off?
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