Barbara Cartland

The Husband Hunters

After the death of her parents, young Andrina Maldon has selflessly borne the responsibility not only for the running a household impoverished by her father's profligacy but also for the future happiness of her two sisters.
Strikingly beautiful as they are, there is no hope of their finding a suitable suitor without someone to introduce them to the Social world.
So she travels unchaperoned to London to seek the assistance of the Duke of Broxbourne, her father's friend and the Godfather she has never met.
On the stagecoach journey Andrina has a frightening encounter with a gentleman at a Posting inn – and on arrival at Broxbourne House she is appalled to find that this man is none other than the Duke of Broxbourne himself.
At first unwilling to help her, the Duke grudgingly agrees to her requests and although grateful, Andrina despises this arrogant and insensitive man – until, little by little, his true nature is revealed and a very different emotion begins to stir in her heart.
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    “But first there are so – many things you have to teach me – as you have said so often – I am very foolish and you are so – wise.”
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    ‘If once I became accustomed to the sort of horses the Duke owns,’ she thought to herself, ‘it would be very hard to go back to riding poor old Dobbin, even though he has carried us all faithfully for nearly ten years!’
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    But what do people care so long as they reach to their destinations quickly and safely?”

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