Elizabeth Coldwell,Victoria Blisse,Janine Ashbless,Landon Dixon,Maxim Jakubowski,Clarice Clique,Sylvia Lowry,Josie Jordan,L.A. Fields,O'Neil De Noux,Troy Seate,Viva Jones,Catelyn Cash,John McKeown,Mariella Fairhead,Peter Balten,Z Ferguson

Foreign Affairs

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“A gorgeous selection of stories… with dangerous sexual liaisons and sensual multicultural encounters.” - Jade Magazine

From languid love-making on idyllic beaches to sexy city romps in penthouse apartments, this is a selection of stories set in exotic locations and is perfect for steamy summer reading. The collection includes dangerous liaisons and multicultural encounters.

French Kissing by Josie Jordan

Rachael is snowboarding in the French Alps with her boyfriend Jake, when she falls into the arms of sexy lift attendant Mathieu. Now she’s in the mood for some French kissing. But what about Jake? Up to now, she’s always considered herself the faithful type. In a little wooden chalet halfway up a mountain, she has a decision to make.

An Argentinian Tango by Troy Seate

Erotic relations in exotic locations find Jacob Smiley while he's trying to make like an American version of James Bond. He learns a playboy lifestyle can be tricky when you’re in a high-level government program. One must remember to check out his or her playmates’ credentials along with their bodies when high stakes, especially a moon mission, are involved.

Romanesque by O’Neil de Noux

What will you do if you’re taking photos of Romanesque statues in the ancient Roman Arena in Verona, Italy, and a buxomly brunette steps in with a cameraman and pulls her top down to show off a hefty pair of luscious breasts and poses for him? You join in the photo session. Soon uniformed police officers come by, Carabinieri, who step up to investigate and the model answers with a little oral sex. Everyone gets a turn with Carrie, screwing this insatiable woman as the camera keep clicking. Sunny Italy sometimes lives up to its sensuous reputation.

From Bradford To Bollywood by Victoria Blisse

Aisha works in her father's restaurant until the day a famous Bollywood director whisks her away to Mumbai to play the lead in his latest film. She loses her heart but not to the city of bright lights or the romantic movie she stars in. She falls crazily in love with Kareem who walks in on her masturbating in his office. What will he do with her next?

Only In Vegas by Elizabeth Coldwell

They'd talked about having a swinging adventure, and a lifestyle convention in Vegas seemed like the perfect place to try it out. The city seemed like nothing special in daylight, but at night – and with the help of a hot stranger – it came to life, giving them a holiday they'd never forget…

Local Delicacy by Mariella Fairhead

My husband, Luke has tried to set up threesomes several times, but there's never been a connection with the woman, an instant and powerful attraction that I just had to act on, until now that is – when I first set eyes on our diving guide, Maryse. As water dripped from her tight fitting bikini, and she cast me a sexy, sultry glance, I knew things could really happen. But it would be tonight, in a bed under the moonlight, overlooking the Great Barrier Reef, that I would get my first taste of a woman, and three in a bed.

Maya Gold by Catelyn Cash

Arya’s dream holiday in Mexico is in danger of being ruined by her friends’ drunken partying.  But when she sneaks off to visit some ancient ruins she gets a glimpse of local history the guide books never mentioned – and ends up at a private party much more to her liking!

The Liberation Of Paris by Sylvia Lowry

Aspiring writer Amelia moves to Paris, where she is immediately cursed by writer’s block; the harsh realities of the City of Lights seem far from her cherished dreams of literary success and erotic release. But when she receives a break-up letter from a long-time
boyfriend, she realises a new, shameless appetite for sexual exploration. Newly liberated, walking along the dusky streets of the Left Bank, she meets a French artist who offers a daring but tantalizing proposition. Can she revive her literary ambitions and live out her wildest fantasies in the randy French capital?

Apres Ski Adventure by Peter Baltensperger

This is the story of a skier in the Swiss Alps who manages to hook up with the receptionist of the hotel where he is staying. He invites her to dinner during a heavy snow day and she asks him if he would like to see her exercise room. He is delighted by the invitation to her house. He soon finds out that her so-called exercise room is something quite different from what he imagined it to be, and that the receptionist is an expert at wielding a whip.

Reunion by Kate J Cameron

A Houston attorney’s business trip turns into an exotic, erotic weekend in the lap of luxury in the Middle East.  Emily Wallace’s boyfriend gets a weekend pass from his duties as a Naval officer on deployment in Iraq, and surprises her on her getaway to Abu Dhabi and one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.  Six months apart, they cannot wait to get reacquainted with each other in the most intimate of ways.

No Running, No Petting by Janine Ashbless

Lena and Vittor work in a hotel in Malta, but they can't focus on clearing tables and making beds, when what they're really both interested in is the male guests. The two of them hunt together, the perfect pair. And when they spot Rolf, a Swedish silver fox, the scene is set for a threesome and some very naughty poolside fun.

Comrades On A Train by Z. Ferguson

Two guys visiting Mother Russia are living a shared childhood dream, travelling the USSR by train.  There's Nick, the one with the Russian pen pals, and his close friend, Donny.  They're on a train to a farmhouse. Donny watches the comings and goings of the various passengers, but one blonde passenger catches his eye. She smiles back. Her kids go exploring, Nick goes for sodas, and Donny goes for it.

Lucky Lucy by Jenna Bright

Freshly dumped by the man she grew up with, Lucy is not in the mood for a wedding. But for her best friend, and a sun filled weekend at a luxurious Tuscan villa, she’s willing to put on a bridesmaid’s dress and suffer through. But when she discovers that an old friend, and the best sex she ever had, is attending too, Lucy starts to wonder if there isn’t still a trace of the old Lucy – Lucky Lucy – ready to step out into the sun again.

New Orleans When It Rains by Maxim Jakubowski

A man who travels regularly to New Orleans in search of lust and sex is struck by the vision of a beautiful stripper in a shady club deep in the French Quarter. A passionate night with her ends in the most unusual manner when they are caught unaware in the tropical rain."

Gulliver on Lillipussia by John McKeown

Lawrence S. Gulliver brings new dimensions to the title ‘Able Seaman’ when he’s washed ashore on the undiscovered island of Lillipussia, populated exclusively by women.  But is it a dream come true or a nightmare of frustration?  For this treasure-trove of more-than-willing native beauties, being on the diminutive side, aren’t accessible to satisfaction by any of the means Gulliver is familiar with. Though the little women have a trick or two up their collective sleeve to keep themselves and their unwitting captive happy.

The Warmth Of His Touch by Viva Jones

When Belinda accepts her friend’s dare to date the intellectual and straight-laced Alistair, who is about as far from her usual rugged and sporty type as he possibly could be, she doubts their relationship will go much further than a weekly meet-up at the book club.  With little in common and not much chemistry, she’s on the verge of breaking up with him when he invites her to his family’s ski chalet in Austria. Expecting a bit of skiing and some commiseration sex before dumping him, Belinda hasn’t counted on a broken boiler and sub-zero temperatures, and Alastair’s surprising ability to keep her warm…

The Invitation by Maria Lloyd

Juliana is stunned and excited by a surprise invitation left in her pigeonhole at work.  It is from her secret lover and master. Tickets and itinerary to some pleasure gardens on a Greek Island for that very weekend.  She must be there Saturday, 7 p.m. in her red dress.  What does he have planned for her there?  Will their relationship be raised another notch in excitement, another layer in intimacy?  She cannot wait to discover what might be in store for her…

The Oregon Trail by Landon Dixon

He’d traced her from the east coast to the west – Portland, Oregon. My town. I assured him I could find her, for a price. And I did, until she got away. Then the chase was on again, further west still, out to the picturesque town of Astoria perched on the wooded hills at the mouth of the mighty Columbia River where it emptied into the Pacific Ocean. Then down the coast, to sandy, steamy, shimmering Cannon Beach. But, yeah, there were plenty of attractions along the way.

Escape by Clarice Clique

Chloe is bored and lost in her life. She wants something more, something different. Could her online encounter with a photographer known as Silver5 provide her with the escape she longs for? In a strange land with a strange man, Chloe confronts the heat of the Sahara desert. With nowhere to hide from the burning sun she feels stripped to her basest parts and left with nothing but her primal desires.

Burning Woman by LA Fields

Owen hopes his trip to the Burning Man festival in Nevada will recharge his life. The real world after college has disappointed him, and for a while it seems his desert vacation will too. But a brief connection with a smouldering young woman named Missy might just give him back his old school optimism.
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