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Robin Sacredfire

The Serpents of Life and Death: The Power of Kundalini & the Secret Bridge Between Spirituality and Wealth

The bridge between spirituality and money is happiness. But happiness isn’t obtained without peace and peace is unreachable without balance.

The purpose of our existence in a material world as well as the reason for thousands of reincarnations on earth is found within such paradigm.

In the materialistic perspective about reality we notice a force confronting the need for equalization of complements in the path for spiritual development.

Therefore, in its most metaphysical meaning, we can perceive the concept of balance as referring to the interaction between fire and water, earth and air, yin and yang, strength and weakness, action and inaction, man and woman, conscious and unconscious, and so on.

In its pragmatic form, such duality is seen in the divergence between spirituality and money, as these two elements can be acknowledged as the lowest and highest forms of being — mind and matter, but also body and soul.

The evaluation of concepts as high and low or good and bad, however, only finds a realization in the human mind, deluded by material operations related to space and time, and unaware of the importance each dualistic meaning has within the eternal cycle of life and death.

A person can assume the possibility of life without one of the two poles, but such believe reveals false within the dynamics that affect existence.

Inside this truth, those focusing on the first stage manifestations of the Kundalini energy and the ones doing it on the seventh, both struggle throughout life and between themselves, never reaching freedom from reincarnation, even though their spiritual level may seem different.

Upon contemplating the depredating act of beings converged to obsessive spiritual studies begging for money on the shores of river Ganges, in the holy and oldest world city — Varanasi, or Sadhus dedicated to the exploration of drugs’ effects in Rishikesh, any clear mind would understand that the word sacrifice has been somehow misunderstood by those whose texts followed clearly indicate the opposite, revealing the need for a balance between spirituality and wealth, and their source as being the same.

The Rig Veda, for example, clearly states that “A combination of righteous knowledge and righteous actions help us to earn wealth”.

Never were humans intended to prosper in health, intellect and spirit or body, mind and soul, without everything that supports and promotes life, money included.

“The only question with wealth is: what do you do with it” (John D. Rockefeller).

Wealth has become the main determinant of life on planet earth and a massive karmic challenge that, if surpassed, can lead to prosperity in all realms of existence and ascension, otherwise consume everyone in the fire of desire, self-destroying the mind and mankind, and not only that, as it can lead to the corruption of the spirit in and beyond the afterlife.

When the bible refers to “the love of money” as being “the root of all kinds of evil” (Timothy 6:10) is talking about a life dominated by the force of monetary achievements, or the Serpent of Death, an energy leading all current affairs on this planet.

This force is not under control and has not been properly assimilated.
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