Heather Towne,Kathleen Tudor,Mina Murray,Rose de Fer,Alegra Verde,Donna George Storey,Flora Dain,Ludivine Bonneur,Morwenna Drake

Lords, Ladies, Butlers and Maids: Period Erotica in Private Houses

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Upstairs and downstairs, aristos and servants, and ever the twain will meet and misbehave.
Original period erotica stories from Mischief Books, featuring featuring Donna George Story, Rose de Fer, Kathleen Tudor, Heather Towne and many more.
“A good servant is invisible. To be seen is to ask for trouble.” But when Irene’s Master casts his eyes upon the serving girl, the ‘trouble’ truly begins.
At the Latham’s lavish engagement party, it appears the bridegroom is a scoundrel and his improper attentions will leave a sting on young ladies foolish enough to court his company.
During piano lessons, the stern Mr Blackshaw helps Lily hit all the right notes with a special brand of personal instruction.
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