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If you are interested in getting hands-on knowledge that will allow you to build your own Arduino projects, but you do not know where to start, this book is for you! 
There is a common myth that building exciting projects with Arduino is a complicated affair, especially if you do not have any prior experience with electronics and programming. 
But that just simply isn't true!
This books debunks that myth by guiding you through everything you need to know in order for you to start creating with Arduino.
In this book, you will learn quite a lot, including what Arduino is, why Arduino is the go-to platform for building electronics projects, the components of your Arduino, what you can use your Arduino for, the differences between various models of Arduino, and how to setup the Arduino programming environment and install drivers. 
This book will also show you how to create your first Arduino sketch, as well as some simple but interesting projects you can build using your Arduino, even if you have never written a single line of code before. 
The best part is that instead of using complex jargon, this book describes everything in simple and clear language that is perfect for absolute beginners!

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn About Inside…

What Is The Arduino
The Different Arduino Models
What The Arduino Can Be Used For  Setting Up The Arduino IDE How To Code For The Arduino
Projects You Can Create With The Arduino
Which Arduino Model Is Best For You
Much, Much More!
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