Patricia Patricia Sherwood

Human development: a psychological and spiritual journey

An innovative and enlightening fresh look at human lifespan development focusing holistically on the human being as encompassing body- mind- spirit. This is a journey through the human lifespan bringing together the threads of our physical, cognitive, psychological and spiritual development in succinct seven year phases across the the life span. Each chapter embraces one seven year period and is packed full of hands on information to empower the reader to better understand theirs and others experiences in that particular phase of the life span. This includes a summary page of understandings that should guide our approach to persons in that particular seven year phase of the lifespan. This cutting edge approach to lifespan development concludes with a chapter on life after life which reviews the near death experiences. it also indicates the influence of particular planetary systems on different phases of the lifespan indicating that our human lives are inextricably tied into the rhythms of the macrocosim. Essential reading for counsellors, human service professionals and any members of the public seeking to understand more deeply the opportunities and challenges that face them at particular ages and phases of their life.
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