Andrew Warner

Paul Graham: The Art of Funding a Startup (A Mixergy Interview)

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I first interviewed Paul Graham after I heard something shocking from Alexis Ohanian, a founder whose company was funded by Graham's Y Combinator. Alexis came to Mixergy to tell the story of how he launched and sold Reddit. If you're a founder, you know the kind of problems that founders have, right? Figuring out what product to create, how to build it, how to get users to try it, etc. Well Alexis didn't seem to have those problems, or at least they weren't as challenging for him as they were for most of the other 600 entrepreneurs I interviewed on Mixergy. Why? Because Paul Graham helped him launch his business. How did Graham make Reddit's launch easier and more successful than other companies' founding? How did he do the same for hundreds of other startups? And, more importantly, what can you learn from his experiences to grow your business?

The book you're holding has those answers. Use what you're about to learn to build your successful startup. After you do, I hope you'll let me interview you so other founders can learn from your experience, the way you're about to benefit from Graham's.
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    Zojaje podelio/la utisakпрошле године

    I highly recommend to read it all people who aspire to be entrepreneurs or plan to start their own venture. This book will help to understand how the VCs and angel investors are thinking and making decisions.


    mariazentsovaje citiraoпре 2 године
    Some patterns like launching fast always help.

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