Monika Hestad,Anders Grønli,Silvia Rigoni

The Little Booklet on Design Thinking

Design thinking is a holistic approach to development engaging key stakeholders on a journey of continuous improvement and learning. The booklet is filled with a short and concise step-by-step process, which gives a practical training in design thinking as an approach to innovation, but also contains an introduction to the background of design thinking from a theoretical perspective. The booklet shows how design thinking is about embracing a continuous improvement of the company or organisation’s work, while people are the focus. The Little Booklet on Design Thinking is valuable for companies and organisations who seek to work systematically to find solutions and methods that are not obvious.
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    Multiple decisions are made when designing. This means that the reasoning will be intuitive as well as analytical (Martin, 2009).
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    Design thinking is built on several principles. The design researcher Dr Monika Hestad (co-author of this booklet), with the design and innovation researcher and philosopher Dr Jamie Brassett, surveyed significant design literature and practices looking for the drivers of design thinking (Hestad and Brasset, 2013). They came up with principles that cover the breadth of what design thinking is. These have been further developed into ten principles by teaching and in practice. These are powerful principles, and when starting to master them, you move beyond the buzz of design thinking to become a design thinker yourself.
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    ‘Design thinking combines analytical and intuitive mindsets’, is inspired by the Canadian economist and strategy researcher Roger Martin’s definition of design thinking (2009).

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