Citati iz knjige „Refugee Boy“ autora Benjamin Zephaniah

lunged towards her
She popped her head round the door
flicked through the pages
cup will runneth over.’
Alem had had no idea
simultaneously broke out into speech.
ve his or her own accent. When Alem couldn’t take it any longer, he switched off the television and went to look out of the window again. Nothing had changed, except it was now dark. He turned to his father. ‘Nege, mindinnow yemminniser
e are good and bad everywhere and your mother and I have always tried to do the best for you because we want you to be one of the good ones. Not a brave African warrior, not a powerful man or a rich man or a great hunter,

Alem put the book down and went to the window. ‘Gosh!’ he shouted loudly as he looked outside. ‘That’s something els
‘The Palace Hotel
we fail and we see no hope, then we may be joining you soon.
We just cannot afford to risk another attack on you; we value your life more than anything.
Be strong, learn more English, and remember to love your neighbours because peace is better than war, wherever you live.
You are the product of two countries, Ethiopia and Eritrea, and we love them both equally but they are pulling themselves and each other apart.
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