Knjige slične knjizi „Refugee Boy“ autora Benjamin Zephaniah

Children of the Siege, Diney Costeloe
The Bad Place, M.K. Hill
The Mute and the Liar, Victoria Best
The Diviners, Robert McDowell
Post High School Reality Quest, Meg Eden
The Complete Big Nate: #2, Lincoln Peirce
A Place for Outlaws, Allen Wier
Escape Velocity, Robin Stevenson
Losing Beck, Susan Hahn
Big Nate Out Loud, Lincoln Peirce
After Midnight, Diane Shute
Reconciliation Day, Christopher Fowler
The Mechanical Theater, Brooke Johnson
Knock Wood, Jennifer Militello
The Winged Histories, Sofia Samatar
The Chemical Wedding, John Crowley
Shivers For Christmas, Various Authors
The Scarred, Alex McGrath
The Wonder That Was Ours, Alice Hatcher
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