The Map of Love, Ahdaf Soueif
Ahdaf Soueif

The Map of Love

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In 1900 Lady Anna Winterbourne travels to Egypt where she falls in love with Sharif, and Egyptian Nationalist utterly committed to his country's cause.A hundred years later, Isabel Parkman, an American divorcee and a descendant of Anna and Sharif, goes to Egypt, taking with her an old family trunk, inside which are found notebooks and journals which reveal Anna and Sharif's secret.
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ျမန္မာ ေဆာက္လုပ္ေရး အတြက္အခ်က္

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A story can start from the oddest things: a magic lamp, a conversation overheard, a shadow moving on a wall.
Storm Hurlbatt
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and yet, I do love him, in the sense that I wish him well,
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